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My personal NFC card
A special VIP service from MySwissBeauty
Here is our special personalized accessory which will make you out of the crowd with a high fashion style !

We have designed, with a professional NFC featured card factory, a wonderful gold NFC Business card, which you can programme yourself with all datas you like to share to others.

This NFC card can be used as a contacless electronic business card, or personal card.

Subscription required for the activation and programmation (1st year free)
Each card is unique and programmable as you like !

1. Create an MySwissBeauty account, or login into your account

2. Buy your card, and choose your unique number
NFC plan
3. We will start your 1-year free subscription as per the plan below
  • My personal NFC card - Subscription plan

    Every year
    Programmation page access for your personal NFC card. Valid for 1 card. 1st year free.
     365 day free trial
    • First year is free !
    • Activation of your personal NFC card and QR code
    • Access to the programmation page
    • Support (Tel or email) to program the card

Plan is cancellable. This will desactivate the card and QR-code at the end of billing cycle. If you renew your subscription later, the datas will be restored and your card reactivated as it was configured before.

4. We will activate your account within 24 hours, and inform you that your card is activated

5. You can start programming your datas for your NFC card
log into your account page
"My personnal NFC card"

6. Enjoy your personal NFC card at reception at your adress

7. If you like to update your datas, log into your account page "My personnal NFC card"

The updates will be applied to your NFC card within 24 hours
How it works ?
When you purchase the card, we will send to you a unique numbered NFC card to your adress.

Your MySwissBeauty account will be connected to your card, and you see all your cards on this page. If you think a card is missing, please contact us to fix the issue.


This card can be :

- An electronic personnal card : Share your personal datas, your social medias link, your preferred websites, ...

- An electronic business card : Share your Company datas, website, social media links, ... You will never need a paper business card anymore !


Utilisation of the card with the NFC connection :

- Approach the card to the phone/device of your contact

- The datas will pop up on the screen

- Your contact need to define what to do with the datas :

       Store in the phone

       Share to somebody else via your communication applications

If your contact doesn't have a NFC contacless mobile phone, it is possible to get the same datas uploaded by scanning the QR code :

- Open your camera application

- Point the camera to the QR code

- A link will pop up on the screen

- Click the link and all datas will pop up on the screen

- Your contact need to define what to do with the datas :

       Store in the phone

       Share to somebody else via your communication applications

Important : The QR reading function must be activated in your camera parameters. Check the instructions of your phone to activate QR reading functions.


You can buy as many cards as you need (1 personnal, 1 business for example).

Of courses, it is also a great gift to your friends, family, and colleagues.


Order your card today !

Each card has its unique number !

If you want your lucky number, there will be only 1 chance !

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