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Facial or 1-zone body : Microneedling only, with Casmara activator pen

This is a very efficient skin stimulator to regenerate your skin, in order to trigger renewal and regeneration.

It is a very efficient anti-aging treatment, and help for scars, pigmentation regulation and more.

Information for 1st visit, and preparation before visits :

- For face microneedling : please come with clean skin, without any make-up. A service of face clean-up will be applied prior to the treatment, in case the face is not properly cleaned (50 CHF).

Activator Pen - Microneedling only

CHF 230.00Price
  • Price is INDICATIVE for a treatment in our salon.

    Book your treatment in our beauty salon :

    - Online booking following these links : Microneedling only

    - Call us / Whatsapp : +41 32 322 7781

    - email :

  • Aging skin, wrinkles

    Stretch marks

    Scars (surgery, accident, caesar cut, ...)



    Dull skin

    Dehydrated skin