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TOSKANI Cofinet works to provide an essential lipolytic effect by reducing cellulite in affected areas of the body. cofinet is made of caffeine. Its main action is the blockage of adenosine receptors.

It has different biochemical effects: it increases the lipolysis of adipocytes to release fat into the bloodstream and has draining and diuretic properties so that fat can be burned by the body’s metabolism. In other words, caffeine acts on the metabolism of fats, increasing their degradation by dehydrating the water content of fat cells, so they are less swollen and cellulite looks less obvious.

Caffeine also increases circulation, which may also help smooth the rumpled look of cellulite. The antioxidants in caffeine may help to release toxins, which is not only helpful for cellulite, but for healthy skin in general.

Cofinet 20 (Box PRO)

CHF 84.00Price