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TOSKANI Hyaluron is a solution with a concentration of 2% of hyaluronic acid that has a powerful moisturising and anti-ageing effect.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in almost every cell in the body. In the skin tissue, hyaluronic acid is a gelatinous substance that fills the space between the collagen and elastin fibers. It has powerful anti-ageing and moisturising effects and it is suitable even for oily or sensitive skin. It is used to reduce scars and wrinkles.

It serves as a temporary filler and is slowly reabsorbed, but as it is applied with a periodicity of 7/15 days, it causes the stimulation and neoformation of the collagen itself.

Hyaluronic acid has the capacity to retain water in a percentage equivalent to thousands of times its molecular weight, providing volume and favouring epidermal hydration.

It is an activator of fibroblastic function (Fibroblast) and the synthesis of collagen, as well as various skin growth factors slowing down the natural ageing process.

Hyaluron 2%

CHF 290.00Price