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TOSKANI cosmetics phosphocol implements a lipolytic effect (localised cellulitis). Phosphatidylcholine has a lipotrophic mobilisation action that increases the fluidity or permeability of the adipose membrane, which promotes the outflow of lipid components.

This is related to the saturation of fatty acids (when the saturation decreases, the permeability increases). In addition, lecithin acts by increasing the action of enzymes that degrade the lipids of the cell membrane.

In fat cells, this action increases the fluidity and permeability of the fatty membrane, facilitating the release of fat from the inside and the subsequent resorption.

Sodium desoxycholate, another effective ingredient. Its action is characterised by reducing surface tension and emulsifying fat that enhances the action of lipase. Therefore, fats become soluble in water, facilitating their elimination.

Phosphocol is used for small fat deposits located in patients with ideal body weight or slightly overweight. It can be used in localised lipodystrophy (back, arms, abdomen), being a very effective tool to correct unsightly deposits of fatty tissue.