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Vector massage - Best massage in Switzerland

Vector body massage
Link your body and your inner psychological state

The vector massage is a unique combination of more than 16 massage techniques :

Classic, holistic, relaxing, anti-cellulite, cupping therapy, visceral, rehabilitation after operations (scars, stitches) and others kind of massage technics.

From your personal state, we define a combination of massages which will connect your body with your inner state . We work with the body which provides strong powerful effects on psychological trauma (stress, personal sensitivity, ...).

Because physical pain is psychosomatic, this massage is unique and personalised for you everytime.

  • Connect your body with your inner state. A unique combination of 16 ma...

    50 min

    from 90 CHF
  • Let's discover your face skin and define your personalised beauty plan

    30 min

    From 60 CHF
  • Come to visit us and discover our beauty services and luxury cosmetics

    30 min

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