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  • Who created MySwissBeauty ?
    Mrs Irina Pasichnyk is an experienced entrepreneur & CEO. She created and ran several companies in the past 25 years, from shops (Fashion market) up to manufacturing companies (mostly in the medical devices and dental implants made in Switzerland). From her passion for natural beauty, and high-level lifestyle, she decided to engage a new diplome as medical esthetician in 2019, and established her own beauty salon in Biel/Bienne (Switzerland) with a grant opening on September 2019. She has chosen only top exculsive beauty technologies, focusing on offering best-in-class anti-aging and beauty treatments, working on natural beauty, famous and preferred from international celebrities, such as LPG Endermology, SecretRF Microneedling Fractional, Toskani Mesotherapy EPM, and more.
  • What is the concept of MySwissBeauty ?
    The concept of MySwissBeauty is always focused on personalized beauty plan, to maintain, repair, empower your skin and natural beauty potential. In general, it starts with a free beauty consultation in our salon, a skin analysis, and an opened discussion to define what are best treatments to make, taking into account your budget. We focus on working your natural beauty potential : - skin stimulation (LPG Endermology, Kobido massage, ...) - specific cosmetics and cosmeceutics to brings the right nutrition to your skin (Mesotherapy, Hydrabeauty,... ) - apply also some regenerating (Microneedling RF SecretRF, Mesotherapy) and cleaning treatments (Hydrabeauty, ...). Our technologies are high-grade devices, which are approved for usage in hospital for pre- post- surgery. That's why our service is unique, personalized, and will provide a superior quality result, which is not only visual, but in-deep effective by stimulating, revitalizing and regenerating your skin for the long term.
  • The concept MySwiss...
    For all public : - MySwissBeauty : the place to enjoy beauty treatments and exclusive cosmetics - MySwissClinic : the place to receive clinical grade beauty treatments (pre- post- sugery, skin delicate treatments, advanced technologies) - MySwissEvent : the place to join and enjoy great beauty events For beauty professionals : - MySwissBeauty : the place to supply professional cosmetics reserved for practicians - MySwissClinic : the place for professionals to get coached, certified and trained - MySwissEvent : the place to organise beauty exhibitions and events for your promotion & seminars - MySwissImmo : the place for professionals to find their working space
  • Does MySwissBeauty offers online services ?
    MySwissBeauty is primary a beauty salon, where we practice beauty treatments. For convenience for customers, we offer the possibility to book online our beauty treatments : Beauty treatments online booking Of courses, our customers can always book a beauty treatment through a call or email : Call us or email us In addition, we are selling to public a large range of high-grade cosmetics, mostly from exclusive professional brands which are not in the regular cosmetics shops. Then, we offer the possibility to the public to buy cosmetics of extreme luxury and quality. For convenience for customers, we offer the possibility to buy online our cosmetics : Cosmetics shop online Of courses, our customers can always come to our beauty salon to buy directly cosmetics, or pick up their order : Shopping in our beauty slon
  • Where is located our beauty salon 'MySwissBeauty' ?
    Biel/Bienne is a pretty little city of the Canton Bern in Switzerland. It is located in the charming Seeland lakes region. The city is very central in Switzerland, with easy direct access by train or by car or flight, from Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Bern. As a reward from our dedication for high-grade quality of our beauty treatments, we are proud to have customers travelling from whole Switzerland, and also from Europe, to come to MySwissBeauty Salon. We are also selling and exporting our cosmetics in most countries in the world. MySwissBeauty is located 3 min walk near Biel/Bienne main train station (SBB/CFF/FFS). Just talking straight on "Bahnfofstrasse" ("Rue de la gare") in front of the train station, for 2 minutes, until you arrive in front of Migros supermarket. Our salon MySwissBeauty is just in the little street (Waffengasse 7) behind this Migros Supermarket. On your map, search for : MySwissBeauty, Waffengasse 7, 2502 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland You can follow this link to find us on the map : CLICK here to find us
  • What language is supported by the staff of MySwissBeauty ?
    Irina can speak : German, English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish. In addition with the team, we can support French. The website is translated in English, German, French, Russian.
  • Is the salon accessible for handicap people ?
    In order to come to the salon, there are 2 small stairs to go. There is no lift. Thus, it is unfortunately not possible for handicap people, with mobility restriction preventing them to take stairs, to come to the salon if they are not assisted. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.
  • Loyalty reward program : BeautyCHF
    You collect BeautyCHF coins for each purchase. You can use your BeautyCHF coins to pay online, or claim some gifts or advantages. For each booking online, you collect 100 BeautyCHF. This will give you a purchase value of 5 CHF in our shop online. Please create an account MySwissBeauty, and you can immediately collect precious BeautyCHF. You can review the program and conditions here : BeautyCHF Reward
  • Beauty treatments
    We offer exclusive and clinical grade quality beauty services, focused on working your natural beauty potential. Please consult here our list of services : List of beauty services We will be glad to meet you and discuss a personalized beauty plan : Schedule a free beauty consultation
  • Exclusive and Luxury cosmetic shop (In the salon and online)
    Available directly in our beauty salon, and online. Please look at our catalog of exculsive professional brands, which we have especially selected for the unique quality, with best garantee of results, respecting your natural beauty potential : Our catalog online
  • Beauty consultation - Beauty plan
    As we are concentrated to find a very high added-value and results, we will spend time to make a free consultation with you, and define the best beauty plan. You can call us or schedule a meeting to engage the discussion : Call us or email us or schedule a consultation meeting
  • Can I buy gift card ?
    Yes, you can buy a gift card to offer to your family and friends. You can chose the value of the gift card. You can buy for yourself, or for another person. The person listed will receive an email with the gift card code, which can be used to pay anything in our website (use the code at payment check out). The gift card can be used directly in our beauty salon as well. please bring a printed copy. It is mandatory to have the code well visible in the printed copy. Please go to our webpage for gift card to purchase : Gift card - Voucher
  • Loyalty reward program : BeautyCHF
    You collect BeautyCHF coins for each purchase. You can use your BeautyCHF coins to pay online, or claim some gifts or advantages. For each booking online, you collect 100 BeautyCHF. This will give you a purchase value of 5 CHF in our shop online. Please create an account MySwissBeauty, and you can immediately collect precious BeautyCHF. You can review the program and conditions here : BeautyCHF Reward
  • How to prepare myself before and after a beauty treatment ?
    Before treatment : - it is recommanded to use nourishing cosmetics before treatments. Then, when we will apply the treatment, the skin will work and consume the nutriments. This will make the treatment very efficient and acting faster. - When it is the time to come for the treatment in our salon, please remove any make up, and come with cleaned face. Our treatments cannot be efficient if there are layers of make-up or creams on the skin. In case the skin is not cleaned up properly, we can handle a clean up in the salon (charge will apply). After treatment : - Depending of the treatment, there should be necessity to apply some protective creams against sunlight (UV). In such case, we will apply a protective cream in the salon before you leave. We can recommand you to buy a cream in our salon, or to buy yourself your preferred cream at your usual cosmetic shop. - We recommand to continue at home with some cosmetics routine. Depending on your case, we will provide recommandation. We have excellent cosmetics in our salon, or we can advice the essential nutriments that you shoud find in your cosmetics (if you like to buy them in your preferred cosmetics shop).
  • Can I reschedule or cancel my treatment booking ?
    Yes, we accept to reschedule or cancel treatment bookings. As we execute our treatment with a personalised procedure, we always come earlier to prepare the room and your products, in order to be ready when you come. As a courtesy, please inform us as early as possible about your wish to reschedule or cancel, in order that we don't make preparation for nothing. Thank you, this will be appretiated. Online booking : Booking rescheduling or cancelling is not possible by yourself when it is less than 24h before your booking : Please contact us, and we will do the modification in the booking system When some booking involve some specific orders and cost, we may require a prepayment, which can be not refundable (deposit) in case of rescheduling or cancellation. Please read the cancellation note during the booking process. When ordering a complete plan, we will accept rescheduling of your sessions at your convenience. However, the plan is not refundable, not cancellable for the remaining sessions to execute.
  • Are MySwissBeauty treatments insured ?
    Yes, mySwissBeauty is insured, and have a contract with ALLIANZ insurance, for managing our beauty salon and related activities. We also have a contract for legal assistance.
  • How long, how many treatments before seeing results ?
    The results are not always immediately visible. We work on the quality of the skin (including deep skin layers), quality of the assotiated lifestyle (health, food, wellness), and all possible solutions to maintain your natural beauty at its maximum on the long term. However, the speed of getting results is very dependant on your own nature, the level of nutrition your skin can get, your lifestyle and activities. That's why we will start always by a discussion to study your own skin condition, and define the right personalized plan to get sustainable results up to your expectations : request a free beauty consultation, or contact us In general, it is recommandable to make an intensive phase, followed by a regular maintenance. There is no specific rule, as the intensivness and time between sessions will be defined only for you, based on your own condition.
  • Are beauty treatments expensive ?
    At MySwissBeauty, we have studied many beauty technologies, and made our choice on original, result proven, famous and high reputation, beauty devices and cosmetics. We have done our selection in order to have solutions for all budgets, keeping always a strict target for quality, wellness, and natural beauty concepts. Our Beauty services price can start from a face mask spa for less than 30 CHF. Then, beauty treatment is not always expensive, and we will advice you to make already a good natural beauty maintenance with simple routines and cosmetics. Also, we offer possibility to get further discount and advantages through : - our partnership with : Apply and get specific advantages with your subscription on a selection of our treatments - our loyalty rewarding program BeautyCHF : Convert your purchases and bookings into vouchers and more advantages
  • Do you have beauty treatments for damaged skin, acne, aged skin, pigmented skin ?
    About scars : From surgery, from an accident, from giving birth, ... : the earlier we could act, the better and faster will be the results. We can consider that if the scar is older than 15 years, it will be very hard to expect significant results. However, it is also very different per individual. It is all about the skin capacity to renew itself. About acne : Yes, we have efficient beauty treatments and cosmetics to cure acne. About aged skin : Yes, our technologies are very focused on aged skin. We handle many anti-age technics. We will act by nourishing the skin, which will help repulping the skin, bring collagen and Hyaluron, accelerate skin regeneration. This will tighten the skin, which will reduce wrinkles, and recover gradually smoothness and coloration. About pigmentation : Yes, we have solutions for pigmented skin. We can act on smoothing coloration, reducing skin stains, and repairing sun skin damages.
  • How long is a typical beauty treatment ?
    You can consult the list of treatments, where is notified the time to operate the treament : List of beauty treatments
  • Loyalty reward program : BeautyCHF
    You collect BeautyCHF coins for each purchase. You can use your BeautyCHF coins to pay online, or claim some gifts or advantages. Please create an account MySwissBeauty, and you can immediately collect precious BeautyCHF. You can review the program and conditions here : BeautyCHF Reward
  • Gift card - Voucher
    You can use gift cards & vouchers during payment check out. Enter the gift card - voucher code, and the special deal will apply. If you have a problem to register the code, or to get your benefit, please contact us.
  • Cost of delivery for your order online
    You can consult our catalog online, order and get delivered at your adress. The shipping price will come automatically when you will declare the country to ship your order. In the case you cannot find your country, please contact us, and we will check with our post office. We try to deliver to as many countries as possible, but it is not garanteed that we can open full worldwide. Up to now, we have opened most of EU/CH regions, UAE region, South Korea & Hong-Kong, USA & Canada + some few others. You have also the possibility to order online, and come to pick up your order at our salon directly. In such case, you don't pay shipping cost. At check out, please select the delivery option : "Pick up". If you selected 'Pick-up', and finally required a shipments, we will issue a separate invoice with the missing shipping cost. Then, we will deliver accordingly, after payment of this shipping invoice.
  • Is my cosmetics order cancellable ?
    The cosmetics orders are not cancellable. We don't have lot of stock in our salon (only the main products). When you place your order, we will mostly order especially for you to our cosmetics partner.
  • Can I track my order ?
    Yes, we always ship with a tracking number. Once we ship, you will receive an email with the tracking references.
  • Who pays customs ? Does MySwissBeauty deal Tax-free for export outside Switzerland ?
    MySwissBeauty is an independant privately owned, and is not registered for VAT. Thus, we cannot make Tax-Free trading during exportation. Our price to deliver in Switzerland, or export outside Switzerland is the same. In the case of exportation, the customer is responsible to pay the customs. MySwissBeauty cannot be taken responsible for customs issues or retention due to customer holding payment of customs for exportation.
  • My order is long to arrive, what do we do ?
    As we have the tracking number of the shipment, we can open an investigation at the post office. If you suspect an issue, please contact us, and we will review what action can be done. Delivery in Switzerland/Liechstenstein should last 2~3 days maximum. Depending of the country for exportation, and how strict are the customs to filter the package, shipping for export can take 2 to 6 weeks for delivery in average. For the product in Dropshipping (some beauty accessories), it can take 4~8 weeks for delivery. Delivery time is not under the control of MySwissBeauty. Delivery time information is indicative, and cannot be a taken as a garantee. In the rare case where a package is suspected to be lost by the transporter, we will open an investigation with the transporter. As long as the investigation from the transporter is not closed, there is still a possibility to get the package found and finally delivered. The investigation can take long (few months). Only if the claim concludes as a "lost package", we will refund the order.
  • Why are some beauty treatments considered 'clinical' ?
    Some of our selected beauty technologies are used in hospital, because they are qualifed to be complementary to surgeries. After surgeries, the skin had been cut, and needs strong efforts to repair. There are often marks and scars. There are high-level technologies for this, and some are accessible for medical aestethiticians, as we are at MySwissBeauty. In particular, LPG Endermology, RFSecret Microneedling RF are famous clinical devices, which we proudly have at MySwissbeauty. We have also other technologies which are more regular, and not clinical. The beauty treatments you find in MySwissClinic are focused on repairing, regenerating damaged skins, or skins with defaults which would require a higher level of attention to make a treatment. These devices are also very efficient for anti-aging treatments, such as lifting, anti-wrinkles, sensitive skins areas.
  • Does MySwissBeauty organise events ?
    Yes, we sometimes organise events in our salon : - Courses & trainings - Beauty seminars - Open door - Promotional events Please check regularly our evenmential webpage : MySwissEvent
  • Can I rent MySwissBeauty space to organise my own event ?
    Yes, however, we reserve the space for beauty / fashion / cosmetics professionals. Our space is also surrounded in a residential area. We cannot handle noisy, musical, busy concentrated people events (max 20~30 people). The normal usage would be : - Trainings, courses - Product exhibitions - Promotional events - Other kind of events, as long as adressing beauty / fashion / cosmetics Please check the information about our evenmential space : MySwissEvent for professionnals Please contact us, and we will review what can be done for you. You can also schedule a discussion meeting : Request for meeting
  • How could MySwissBeauty help finding a working place for my own salon ?
    MySwissBeauty is located in a shared space. There are possibilities to rend some part of it, and arrange your own beauty salon activity. With her network, Irina might also find alternative solutions with other partners to establish your working space. Also, with her entrepreneurship experience, Irina can coach you about the administrative things to do when opening your beauty salon. Please contact us, or request a meeting to discuss your project. Please consult our webpage MySwissImmo for more information.
  • Loyalty reward program : BeautyCHF
    You collect BeautyCHF coins for each purchase. You can use your BeautyCHF coins to pay online, or claim some gifts or advantages. Please create an account MySwissBeauty, and you can immediately collect precious BeautyCHF. You can review the program and conditions here : BeautyCHF Reward
  • Shop for beauty professionals (in the salon and online)
    Exclusive products reserved for practicians : - to buy in our salon directly - online : Upon agreement for collaboration, we will open a specific access to the online shop for registrer professionals Access link : Shop online for professionals You are a beauty professional, and you would like to register : Link to contact us, or schedule a consultation
  • Coaching for beauty professionals - Opening your beauty salon
    You want to open your beauty salon, or look for solutions to practice your beauty treatments ? We have some solutions, and we can provide a coaching to help you starting, or engaging your activity. - Entrepreneurship : support to help opening your own beauty salon : Schedule a consultation meeting to explain your concept - Find some space to establish your beauty salon : Our service MySwissImmo With her great experience on raising companies in Switzerland, Irina can be a precious support for you sharing her experience.
  • Certification - Training on specific beauty treatments
    Irina has trained and coached many estheticians, on selected beauty technologies. Here are some professionals , who have enjoyed our trainings and received certification : Success stories Afterward, they could offer new services to their customers in their own beauty salon. We are also selling beauty devices, equipments and related cosmetics. At the end, you can get with a certification and ready to operate your activity immediately. Please shedule a meeting with Irina to discuss your beauty project, and Irina will define a personalized training for you : Schedule a meeting
  • Collaboration using our beauty salon MySwissBeauty
    We can offer possibility for estheticians to use our beauty devices to execute treatments to their own customers. You work independantly (you need to have your insurance, and own company), and we agree on a contract to practice with our devices in our salon MySwissBeauty in Biel/Bienne (Switzerland). This helps you to start without investing in beauty devices, which are often expensives. If you are interested, please schedule a meeting to discuss your project : Schedule meeting
  • IT, marketing, promotional services
    We offer possibility to support your Business with some IT tools : - Promote your products in our website (online shop, advertising) - Create a Webpage for your beauty services, with possibility of online booking - Create Website, specific tools, with various features (payment online, Google visibility, Facebook/Instagram, social medias integration, Sell on Ebay, ...) - Marketing support : Printing flyers, logo creation, consultation, advices, advertising campaign online (Googles, Facebook, Instagram ....) The service can be various and extended. Please schedule a meeting to discuss your project of collaboration : Schedule meeting
  • All major credit cards accepted
    We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, and EC, Swiss Postcard debit cards : - In our salon - Online
    TWINT (Specific Electronic Swiss direct payment) : - In our salon - Online
  • PayPal
    Please apply at if you don't have an account : You can use your PayPal account, and send a payment to MySwissBeauty's PayPal account at : Valid for any purchase : - In our salon - Online
  • Cash
    Only in our salon
  • Gift card - Voucher
    - In our salon : please come with a printed copy of your voucher - Online : you can use the voucher specific code during the checkout payment
  • Privacy policy / GDPR
    At MySwissBeauty, we care about confidentiality of your private and personal information. We never share your personal datas (adress, profile, information) to any 3rd party. We have established a privacy policy & GDPR : Access to policy If you have a question, or like to update your information, please contact us
  • Reporting a bug on the Webiste, or wrong information ?
    We are all humans, and it could happen that the webiste has some bugs, or information is not correct. We are sorry if you had some difficulties to drive into the website, or if some information are uncorrect (wrong price, wrong content, ....). In such case, we will be grateful if you can report a suspicious information, or a bug you might have detected. We will check and adjust it quickly. Please contact us to report the issue. Thank you for your contribution on improving our service and website.
  • What language is supported by MySwissBeauty's website ?
    The website is translated in English, German, French, Russian.
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