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The ultimate beauty plan - World #1

An exceptional beauty plan with combination of our best world-class beauty treatments, and more...

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Room 2-RF in Biel/Bienne - MySwissBeauty : Microneedling SecretRF|Room 2-nonRF in Biel/Bienne - MySwissBeauty : LPG, Mesotherapy, SPA, Others|Opatra London - in Zürich (Room MySwissBeauty, Irina Pasichnyk)

Service Description

This ultimate beauty plan is unique in the World ! Only at MySwissBeauty ! It is the unique great combination of all the original & genuine World best beauty treatments, device, cosmeceutics, also preferred of the world famous celebrities. Before starting the treatments, we will execute a full face analysis, with our device OBSERV520+, to get a clear picture of the health of your skin, and how to make the right personalistion to get the best of this ultimate beauty plan for you. Combining the preferred MICRONEEDLING SECRET RF of the celebrities like Camerion Diaz or Angelina Jolie, and the World-famous LPG ENDERMOLOGIE which is preferred from Miss France and most of models, this is the best you can give to your skin to keep your natural beauty potential for long. All this is enhanced with a preparation with HYDRABEAUTY, our deep cleaning and skin nutrition, with a very comfortable and smoothing LPG COSMETICS collagen face mask spa, completed with gentle face massage. Also, for your home routine, we offer a great device from OPATRA LONDON for your face (the SYNERGY FACE, for facial usage), and a set of 3 TEOXANE products, the World famous Hyaluron laboratory in Geneva. This will keep your maintaining your face skin with a light therapy lifting synchronised with a smooth massaging (with OPATRA LONDON famous device), and a great moisturing and hydration with the best Hyaluron creams & serums from TEOXANE. Offer yourself something that even Cleopatra would dream of ! The treatment plan is for 6 bookings of ~1h30 each (using this reservation page), to apply in sequence : - Start with 1x Hydrabeauty + LPG Endermologie + LPG collagen mask spa, all together for skin preparation, bring all nutrition and vitamins - After 1 week, 1x Microneedling SecretRF full face Same after 3 months Same after 6 months We are looking for you to reserve your 6 sessions for your ultimate beauty plan. This booking is only valid through our 'Ultimate Beauty plan'. Please check our plan for more information. NOTE : the treatments are executed in our Salon in Biel/Bienne, except the Microneedling, which can be executed in Biel/Bienne or Zurich (depending on the date for the SecretRF device location availability).

Cancellation Policy

Single session : - MORE THAN 48 HOURS before the booking : free cancellation or rescheduling. Special requests are not cancellable/not refundable. - LESS THAN 48 HOURS before the booking : Call us for rescheduling. Not refundable, even if fully cancelled. Additional charge may apply when rescheduling. Abo / Subscription plan : The plan is not cancellable and not refundable. However, single sessions could be rescheduled for free during the plan period.

Contact Details

  • MySwissBeauty (Room 2 RF), Waffengasse 7, 2502 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

    +41 32 322 77 81

  • MySwissBeauty (Room 2 non-RF), Waffengasse 7, 2502 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

    +41 32 322 77 81

  • Opatra London (Room MySwissBeauty, Irina Pasichnyk), Marktgasse 18, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

    +41 32 322 77 81

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