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Toothfairy tooth whitening

Tooth whitening/bleaching

by ToothFairy GmbH - Switzerland
The original "Style your smile" company

ToothFairy tooth whitening

Teeth whitening/bleaching treatment for a radiant 'Hollywood' smile.

Aesthetic tooth whitening is very simple and safe. Just like our skin, teeth have pores that over time get clogged with dirt and stains (yellow teeth) from red wine, smoking, coffee, tea and other ingredients.

As soon as the whitening gel is applied to the teeth, it begins to remove dirt and stains that have accumulated in the pores. Result: whiter teeth.


ToothFairy methods are recognized and applicable by a certified esthetitian. The treatment is also applicable on crowns, veneers, and ceramic teeth.


Teeth whitening has a duration that varies from 9 months to 12 months depending on the lifestyle of each. A touch-up session is recommended 3 months after the first session for greater effectiveness, with a maximum of 4 sessions per year.

For usage at home

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