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This professional kit is to use in combination with a LPG Endermology facial endermolift treatment.

LPG® launches the 1st Superficial Peeling Protocol professional developed by aesthetic doctors & the LPG® experts.

The new exclusive LPG ENDERMOLIFT technology (facial endermology) optimised with the 'LPG Peeling Technology' Kits for a unique result.

A youth activator, this complete skincare program boosts cell regeneration on the face and neck for a real new skin effect. An exclusive combination of LPG ENDERMOLIFT treatment and superficial chemical exfoliation recommended as a cure twice a month at 15-day intervals to optimise cell renewal and skin radiance over the seasons.

Treatment time: ~75 min, in 4 steps:

1. Cleanse and prepare the skin with LPG micellar lotion

2. Activate the cells of youth with the specific ENDERMOLIFT treatment 'Anti-Aging Renovator'

3. Exfoliate & Regenerate the skin with the LPG Peeling Kit

4. Soothe & Smooth the skin with the post-treatment collagen mask

Endermology skin rejuvenation peel kit (Box PRO)

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