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TOSKANI TKN HA Glowcomplex is a synergic solution for aged or devitalised skin caused by stress, toxics and the ageing process.

This restorative complex has strong illuminating and firming properties and it improves the skin tone and provides a lasting radiant effect.

The minerals, vitamins and amino acids added to this cocktail act synergistically as an excellent anti-ageing treatment.

TKN HA Glowcomplex improves capillary micro-circulation and provides the necessary micronutrients for collagen formation.

Hyaluronic acid, and active ingredient with multiple properties, gives the flaccid skin a smooth and firm appearance while improving its hydration and strengthening its protective barrier.

Vitamin C also reduces the appearance of dark spots and other types of damage caused by the UV rays.

TKN HA glowcomplex (Box PRO)

CHF 271.00Price